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CMT Router Bits?

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Over the past month or so I have noticed an inventory change at my local Menards. They used to carry Vermont American and Bosch router bits. I like the Bosch bits. Recently all these bits were moved to the clearance isle and have been replaced by CMT bits.

From what I gathered by looking at them, they are made in Italy and come in two different grades. A higher grade industrial and a lower grade contractor series.

I may be living in a closet and new to woodworking but I have never heard of CMT. How do these bits rate? They are just slightly higher priced than the Bosch bits I am used to.
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I've noticed this as well at my local Menard's. I'm also not familiar with CMT and interested to hear commentary on the brand.
Well rest assured, Menard's will refund your money if you are UNHAPPY with a CMT bit.

I have found them to work well, and Menard's DOES stand behind their goods, IMHO.

Dale in Indy
CMT makes a good product. I've only used a couple of their bits but I've not had any issues.
I have a few CMT bits including a set of the round overs. IMHO they are a step above the Bosch bits which I consider equivalent to the MLCS house brand. That said, It has been been awhile since I bought any Bosch bits and they have since acquired the Freud tooling division so they may now be much better than the ones I have.:smile:
CMT used to be made in Italy....I've always found them fairly comparable to the regular Freud bits and blades. It'd be worth noting if the Menards bits are still made in Italy, or if they've moved them to China. They wouldn't have moved them to China to improve quality....
I've been very happy with CMT both with carbide saw blades and router bits. Equal to Freud IMO.
CMT is a premium router bit, and I saw them in Menard's. When they switched to the CMT forstner bits, I noticed those are made in China. But the router bits are still made in Italy. It's been a while since I bought any, but I would have no qualms about them (as long as they are Italian).
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