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That's some interesting reading, thanks guys. I believe that wire is gonna be history!!! I really think that is my problem as all my clogs have been at a fitting where the wire sticks up or joins another wire. The shavings wrapped the wire and clogged so bad that it even started pulling the wire till it met too much resistance and cause my blood pressure to spike...LOL
I read all of Bill Pentz. I took my cyclone from his web site. I would not lose the wire inside. I have one in mine. I use 4" pvc and the static give me one heck of a static shock when I use the planer. I had a similar problem. I reran all of my duct to eliminate as much of the sharp corners as possible. When I have a complicated union, I drilled a small hole in the pipe and ran the wire outside around the joint. I then drilled after and went back in the pipe. The wire now only follows inside the pipe on mainly straight runs. I can tell you that after this I have never had a clog and I still don't get any nasty shocks from the static:thumbsup: You can use foil duck tape to seal the hole after you run the wire

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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