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cleating into plywood

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Or am I describing it wrong?
What I am doing, being a woodworking newb, is to make a set or two of cornhole boards....

I made 2 pair out of finished pine plywood, and I used 'cleats' on the inside....
Basically the board was made as a cabinet with solid sides. I screwed down through the top, and through the sides into a 'cleat' .
If that is even the right term. I used spotting putty to fill the holes, and finished them off.

My problem is now, I have some very nice birch plywood and I don't want to mar the visible surfaces with puttied screw head holes....
I am wanting opinions on do the reverse....
IE using the cleat in the inside corners and screwing out into the backsides of the finished surfaces....

I am looking for input if this is wise using 1/2" (15/32") plywood....?
I would have to select the right screw length and be careful not to overdrive them.
So basically I would have about 3/8" of screw engagement in the plywood. I could put alot of them in, and use a glue also.

I am looking to build a solid set that can take abuse, last for years and look fantastic....

I really appreciate any input and dialog

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That's basically how I built my first set of cabinets, out of birch plywood. I bevelled the sides at 45 degrees, and used hardwood blocks in the inside corners screwing into the ply, in both directions. Those cabinets have been there since '95, and are still looking good. That way I didn't have plywood edges showing anywhere. The cabinets come out into the room, kind of like an island, base, and uppers, so I wanted a seamless look to the corners.
Thanks Rayking...
Just to be clear, you screwed from the inside toward the outside for the sides and top.... or from both directions on the sides and top...?
Also I am curious if people think doing it in the one direction into 1/2" will be sufficient or would it be better to use 3/4"?
Thanks again
Yes from inside screwing into plywood.

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The second pic shows the inside corner of one of the cabinets. My wife would throw a fit if she knew I posted a pic before she could clean up, but forgive my messy kitchen.
The other two show the clean corners that result. You have to be careful cutting the bevels, to make sure they match, but with care it can be done. Good luck.

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Here is a better pic of my cleat. Now granted, my cabs may not be the look you're going for, they are nothing fancy, but they were my first, and I like them, and my wife does too, so, ....
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