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I am working on a table-building project involving a walnut slab that has a number of defects (knotholes, etc.) that I would like to fill with clear epoxy prior to sanding flush and applying a rub-on polyurethane finish. Many of the resins available have a yellow or amber cast when poured to any thickness, which would be undesirable. The slab is approximately 3″ thick and some of the defects go completely through the slab, so would have to be sealed on the backside prior to filling. There is also a fair amount of bark in some of the holes, which I would like to retain to add interest to the finished table. Any suggestions as to the optimal product to use as a fill material, and/or techniques that would maximize the opportunities for success on this effort?
You want the West Systems epoxy for that and it is not cheap. You want the kit with the pumps because if you don't get the ratios just right - You WILL have a hard mess quickly or be waiting for weeks and weeks...

You can use tape on the bottom to keep the epoxy from running out and then sand it all back flat again after things dry. I usually use the clear box tape and I use a LOT of it when doing this sort of work.
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