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The village amadán.
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Scottish clans all have their individual tartans and many here have also seen the crests and some even have a coat of arms. We all also have plant badges.

The plant badge is believed to be a charm or magic plant that is carried beside the Clan standard or fixed on a staff or spear. It was also used as a form of identification. Clans folk can wear a sprig of the plant pinned behind the silver crest on their bonnet or sash-badge brooch.

Jake recently took an order for six cigar pens in the Clan Lamont plant badge. We did one already in crabapple (screw top roller ball) and then the next order I had convinced the buyer that spalted crabapple might be better to really show off the plant badge.

Crabapple rollerball.

When I told the buyer that the spalted crabapple would really stand out I did so with a supplier in mind. When it was time to place the order he had ran out. A call out to the members on IAP produce a good lead in louisbry who came through for me! Here are the ones Jake produced today.

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