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Church signage project

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Just before Christmas last year our Pastor showed me a quote for new signage at the church. It was for one logo and two 'Worship' signs over the main entrances to the sanctuary. When I saw what was quoted I volunteered to do the signage. They were going to do the signs in metal and the logo would be 48" and vinyl wrapped, also probably metal.

I told Bro Terry that I could do the signs but they would be in 1/2" Baltic Birch. His only request was that no grain show on the logo. I found rattle can enamel that matched close enough and used Hammer Tone finish on the letters so they'd look sort of like metal. To completely fill the grain on the logos I used Bondo on the face and spot putty on the edges. I cut two sets of logos at 60" tall (one for each hallway instead of just one hallway, as was quoted).

Sanding the Bondo back down to the BB face was no fun at all and neither was filling and sanding all the edges of the letters and logos. But it worked just fine. I sprayed primer and all the rattle can paint out in the back yard - there's no way I'm going to spray paint inside the shop. So that meant there were many days of high wind or rain or cold when I couldn't spray. Once all the paint had cured for 4-5 days I clear coated everything with Nitrocellulose sanding sealer and gloss lacquer. I allowed the top coat to orange peel slightly so it wouldn't show finger prints as easily.

To mount everything I used 1/4" aluminum rod cut to about 2" and Liquid Nails for adhesive. I sharpened the aluminum mounting rod ends and we held the logo and letters in place and gently tapped to mark where to drill.

Because the logo doesn't have any true horizontal or vertical edges I wondered how I would line them up on the walls (one was sheetrock and one was brick). What I came up with was to cut a piece to fill the negative space and then attach boards on the back to hold the entire piece as a unit for marking, then take the backer boards off to mount each piece of the logo individually.

All in all I'd say everything came out nicely and our Pastor is pleased. Now he wants a world map to fill a 12' wall where we can mark the areas we support for missions. That ought to be fun!

Logo -
Text Font Logo Brand Graphics

Cutting letters on the CNC -
Wood Hardwood Floor Plywood Table

Cutting logo on the CNC -
Wood Floor Plywood Table Hardwood

Edges filled with spot putty -
Wood Table Plywood Automotive wheel system woodworking

Letters ready for clear coat -
Font Wood Metal Table

Logo with alignment guide -

Finished signage in one hall -
Wall Floor Room Building Flooring

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David - "Signs-R-Us" called.
they have an opening you may be interested in.

nicely done !!


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After reading your comment, I bet mounting was a bit tricky. I've been in a similar situation, but I used aluminum rods and Liquid Nails for a secure hold. To line up the logo on different walls, I used a clever technique with backer boards. Our Pastor loved it, and now we're onto a world map project! By the way, sorry for reviving this thread, but I needed some support myself. I stumbled upon a helpful website called First Church Love that offers insights and guidance on matters of faith. It might be worth checking out! Keep up the great work on your church projects, and may you find joy in serving your community.
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Very nicely done. Haha, such great work got you more work. Good luck with the map!
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