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Christmas in July

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After looking for a Saw Stop for quite some time I finally took the plunge and picked one up today. Too bad I don't have 220 available for a saw. Had to settle on the 1 3/4 HP 30 fence model. Thats all right, though. Here she is still laying on the side in the back of the truck all wrapped up like a Christmas present.

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Sweet acquisition. I'm hoping to have one of those some day.

Once you get this bad boy put together, please post more photos and possibly a review if you wouldn't mind.
Congrats on the new saw.
I have had the 1.75 hp contractor w/36" table and cast iron wings, for 3 years....the saw is very easy to assemble...just follow the directions.....very little to do as far as truing/setup....at least with mine.....you will love the saw. The first thing I did was replace the blade with a regular kerf Frued Fusion.....cuts really well. You will love the saw.....congrats.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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