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I would caution you about the maple 5 ply. It might work just fine for you but it definitely has not for me. You should look for 8 ply at a minimum. After my experiences with big box plywood, I have only purchased hardwood plywood from lumber yards that carry it. You might consider baltic birch ply, anyway. Much better surface for paint and cuts without chipping.
As to poplar; that's a usual choice for items to be painted. You may find it difficult to sand really smooth as some will fuzz a bit.

Just got back from HD and Lowes to take a look at what was good looking and in stock.

I'm building a bunch of projects, but the first one is a bathroom vanity (probably 2 of them) and shelving for closets, etc.

HD had some maple ply (5ply) that must have just come in, (not pciked through) and looks real good and flat, basically perfect looking ....price $40 bucks. They also had pine ply (7or8 ply) for $37 bucks. The maple actually measured up at .75 or pretty damn close. And the pine measured up at .71 or so.

Seeing that the price diff is nothing to be concerned with, I'm thinking of loading up on 3 sheets of the maple ply, as it will work nicely and scraps will be able to be used for small projects.

On the stock 1.5 and 2.5 x 3/4 board for face frames, the best looking stuff was the poplar an Lowes. Nice selection (not picked over) and about $1.25 a foot avg. The oak looked good too and was only about 20% more in cost. The finish on the polar was smoooooth and the oak was, well, oak.

I am assuming that the poplar is best for painting, and the other solid woods can be stained. I'm not a huge oak fan, but I have used it recently staining it black, and looks cool. I'm somewhat a rookie in cabinet building, as I've slammed out some pieces and they work/look ok. But now I've got to step it up a notch. So I'm thinking for now, load up on the good maple ply sheets (3/4) and use poplar for the face frame and paint. I thought about using maple or birch, but the price is double and the selection is picked through. I don't have the patience to try to find good wood that will stain well, but if I go somewhere else, I might find some good stuff.
Any thought about gotting some nice maple for the face plates at a reasonable price? Looks like I will need 20 LF for the project. So the poplar will be about $30. So if double cost for maple, an extra $30 is nothing.
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