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My real name is Joe. I am a retired high tech executive who retired at age 55 on New Year's Eve 1999. I built my dream house and shop in Western Massachusetts and moved there from Lancaster, MA on Halloween of 2001. Since then I have been fulfilling my life long dream to design and build custom furniture. My days are now filled doing the things I love and it doesn't get better than that.

In addition to woodworking I love photography. My career was in computer and graphics chip design and software development. So I am able bring the three (a)vocations of my life, (woodworking, photography and computers) together in my website and blog which is now taking me almost as much time as my woodworking.

And yes, I spend a fair amount of time in woodworking forums. I just found this one. So I am looking forward to talking about our mutual interests.

When I first first retired I was constantly asked what I did for a living. I got tired of explaining to people that I was retired and working in my own shop. So after a while I would just say I work in a wood shop. I didn't explain that it was a one person shop and it was mine. So they asked what did I do, what was my title. I told them I was the Chief Woodworker. Now my handle is Chiefwoodworker where ever I need one.
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