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In case the title of the thread wasn't clear, this is a removable top for an existing dresser to temporarily use it as a changing table. Below it is shown on a slightly taller dresser in the baby's room, but it will work on a lower dresser in our bedroom if that ends up being more convenient. The sides are 4/4 cherry finished with satin wipe-on polyurethane. It is held together with four sliding dovetails and has a floor that is just 1/4" AC plywood set inside of a groove, just like how the bottom of a drawer would be made. It is sized to fit the changing pad snugly front to back, with some room for other diapering accessories on the side. I tried to make the shape on the front go with some of the decorative shapes on the dresser, though that may really not have been necessary for something that will probably just get smeared with poop! :laughing:

As a whole I am pretty happy with it. I wasn't too pleased with the color, though. I have never had cherry look this light with a poly finish on it. Of course days after I applied the finish I read the thread about darkening cherry with UV or lye:eek:--too late now!

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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