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You can check for bent teeth on a saw blade with a piece of wood and a bent nail.

Very close to the end of a piece of wood, drive a nail all the way through. Bend the nail into a right angle.

UNPLUG your saw.

Clamp the wood to the saw so that the point of the nail can touch the blade. Pivot the nail so that the point almost touches a tooth. Move the blade so that the point of the nail almost touches the next tooth. If the nail doesn't come close to touching the tooth, that's good. (You want to work with the teeth that are set toward the nail side of the blade.) Move the blade so that all the teeth have a chance to come close to the point of the nail. Any teeth that would actually hit the nail are the bent ones. They can usually be fixed with a crescent wrench and vise grips. Repeat this on the opposite side of the blade.

It is very important that the wood be secure clamped and once the nail point is almost touching the teeth. Do not move either until that side of the blade has been completely checked.

While tooth set is what makes a saw blade work, a single tooth that has less or no set is acceptable. What you are trying to prevent is a bent tooth from scoring the side of the cut.
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