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Some of you may know Charles Neil. He is a master woodworker, successful internet teacher, and also a member here (too busy to show up much though). Yesterday his wife Sherri, posted the raw footage of Charles's review of our Kehoe Dovetail Spline Jig and is asking for input. You can click the link below to go to his blog, and the video link is there also.

You can view the comments section of the blog also as their is a good discussion of the jig and the video.

I guess this will come across as a shameless advert no matter what I say, but he wants as much feedback as he can get before he shoots some more footage and does the editing, because then they are going to post it to his main website. Plus, I will be embedding the video on my Kehoe site, and I want them to have as much feedback as they can get as well.

Any input is welcomed no matter that you may never be interested in owning the jig. It's under the heading "Need Your Feedback" and there is a link to the video there.

Charles Neil Blog
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