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Central Machine 12x36 Lathe - speed control & faceplate screws

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We have a brand new CM lathe and for some reason I can not adjust the speed to go below 4. Today is only the 2nd time it's been used but no matter if the machine is off/on you cannot turn the handle lower than 4. Unfortunately we can't find the manual. Any idea how to fix this?
Also, anyone know what size screws are to be used with the faceplate that came with the lathe? I saw a video that said the screws should have angled heads in order to be recessed into the faceplate. The faceplate that came with the lathe doesn't have holes that will allow for recessed screws.
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If your lathe is item #34706, it has a 90 day warranty on the motor and 1 year on the overall lathe. They usually have a link for the manual but this item didn’t have the link. Just call customer service and they should be able to send you an electronic copy and can also help you with a warranty claim.

Manual link: Harbor Freight Tools 34706 | User Manual
can't help you with the speed dial. I have two of those lathes and no problems. As for the face plates. I use whatever screws fit., but not dry wall screws or pan head screws. I use regular wood screws or oval head screws. My dads old lathe face plate did not have recesses for the screw heads so any screws that fit snugly through the holes were what we used..
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