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Carpenter bee repellant?

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Built a workbench last fall out of some 3"x10' ash slabs a buddy of mine cut for me. It's in my pole barn which has been decimated by carpenter bees over the years. Really wanted to sand and stain this thing but not sure that is the best to deter the bees. I have read about mixing NBS-30 with your stain or paint to deter. I am no carpenter by any means, but am proud or what I built, and would like it to bee around for my boy one day. Its will get used and abused, so its not going to be any show pc. I built it with the intention of using it as a workbench for fixing equipment and building things. Originally wanted to stain and poly the top, but good resin seems so expensive. I have found forums are a great resource for all things. Looking forward to what you guys have to say.

I have built and hung a dozen or so traps, and have bought boric acid to spray on any active bores I see this spring. Gonna buy a Bug-a-salt just for funsies, but I have read it will just stun and not kill them.
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If you’re talking about the bumble bees paint or any finish will work

All the ones I see are hovering around the waves looking for a spot. You really think they would bore into the ash?
You really think they would bore into the ash?
Yup! I have a concrete retaining wall that carpenter bees are having a go at!
By the way, for insects, I’ve had good luck with a diatomaceous earth duster.
I have no idea how this will work with carpenter bees, but last year my shed next to my garden was becoming a bit of a hangout for regular honey bees.

We need them as pollenators, etc so I didn't want to poison them.

Someone on a gardening forum told me to spread garlic powder all over the place in the shed and it worked for about a month.

I'd get a battery powered fan and walk around inside your barn with garlic powder, dumping it into the fan so it blows it around.

I'd assume that if you do that every couple of weeks through a whole summer, the carpenter bees will move on & find somewhere else to go. Especially if you knock down all of their nests.

I dunno.. I offer this tip "as is, no warranty".
I would think the pressure treated legs would be a deterrent??????

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