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So I'm building a small entertainment center of sorts and I am ready to put the doors on. Problem is I have made them to be a flush mounted or inset into the face frame. From the cabinet wall to the edge of the face frame is about 1.5 inches. To much to surface mount a hinge on the wall. I could block it out to reach the door but I think that would look cheesy and take up space inside the cabinet. What I need is a hinge that mounts to the back of the face frame and wraps around. I know that was a terrible explanation so I'll put some pics too. If they make a hinge like this for less than $20(really don't wanna spend $80+ on hinges alone) let me kn ow or if there is a better way to go about it that'd be great. I have searched rockler and other sites but haven't seen what I need. Thanks


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