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So I'm building a small entertainment center of sorts and I am ready to put the doors on. Problem is I have made them to be a flush mounted or inset into the face frame. From the cabinet wall to the edge of the face frame is about 1.5 inches. To much to surface mount a hinge on the wall. I could block it out to reach the door but I think that would look cheesy and take up space inside the cabinet. What I need is a hinge that mounts to the back of the face frame and wraps around. I know that was a terrible explanation so I'll put some pics too. If they make a hinge like this for less than $20(really don't wanna spend $80+ on hinges alone) let me kn ow or if there is a better way to go about it that'd be great. I have searched rockler and other sites but haven't seen what I need. Thanks


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I did a quick search in my big book of hardware - I didn't see anything from Salice or Blum that will work. Most likely you will have to find a full inset hinge that looks good on outside of the cabinet. I wound't block it up either.

Good Luck


Blum has three options for a Inset Face Frame Hinge:
107, 120, and 170 degree opening.

For the 107 you need the following hinge with the following mounting plate
Blum 107 Degree Clip Top Hinge w/ Half Cranked Arm & Inset Face Frame Mounting Plate

They also have the "Blum 86 degree angle restriction clip" so doors won't hit each other.

It looks like you can get those with the soft close feature.

These require 35mm holes to be bored into the door
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