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I am wanting to build a headboard something like the one in this pic: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/d4/11/92/d41192d56e46bd645cdbd91ad66435b0.jpg

A bit simpler pattern but the tufted fabric in the middle. I am thinking solid pine 2x8's glued together for the back, and then that trim edge around the front.... that is my problem. I need about 1-1/2" thick wood at least to match close to even with the fabric. I would take oak 2x6's angled at 45 degrees from the vertical boards and then cut my curves out of those. Hope that makes sense what I tried to explain. Problem is, I want it to look good from the side also. A neighbor told me to use cheaper wood and then use oak veneer over the top, but once I stain it, it would be very noticeable from the side that it's two different woods, right? The wood will be stained black, so I don't know.... maybe it would look not that bad. What would you recommend? Is 2x8 in white oak hard to find, and worth it? Thank you in advance for responses!
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