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I am learning to make stuff with wood but I don't have a plainer and a jointer. Am I able to make stuff like a table, a book case, and benches withought using a wood plainer and jointer? Thanks
The short answer is, Yes.

I stopped at an estate sale the other day and there were a lot of nice tools both hand and powered for reasonable prices. I left without buying anything. My thought was "I have enough tools".

I've seen many shops that seem to be a place to collect tools, which is fine but I like shops that get stuff done. Having the right tools for the job can both improve quality and increase productivity but there is a limit.

I am a carpenter as well as a cabinetmaker, so I do much of my work on job sites. That in itself limits the amount of tools you can bring and invariably you leave the tool you need the most back at the shop. That is when ingenuity becomes important.

I can build just about anything with the tools I can carry, although somewhat cruder than what I might be able to produce in my shop. That doesn't lessen my sense of accomplishment. It's fun to see what you can build with as few tools as possible.

Give me a couple of hours and I can build a perfectly usable chair with a hand saw, a chisel, and a hammer. The joy of creating something with your hands is not diminished by a lack of a few tools.

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