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Can anyone tell me what these tools are used for?

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Hello, my name is Roodillon. I am a new member from Colorado and an amateur woodworker. I recently picked up these tools at a garage sale. I was told that they have something to do with wood and/or windows. I'd like to know what they are for. Can anybody tell me? Thanks!
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That's what I thought too, at least the ones that look like crimpers. The rest, I am totally clueless about. Thanks for the reply!
Thanks guys, well I certainly cannot use these items so they're going up on eBay, I did a little more research after the first poster mentioned crimpers, so they're going as a lot of "banding, strapping and crimping tools" because all they are doing here is taking up space.

Thanks again!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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