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Can anyone help me identify this lumber?

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I would have to guess Elm or Walnut. It depends on how accurate the coloring of the photo is. If it's really as yellow as the picture looks, then Elm. If it's more brown, probably Walnut.

Locust was my first impression too. Is it ridiculously hard? Lol
Woods that color include black locust (very hard) and staghorn sumac (very soft). Can you get a cleanup-up-end-grain pic ?
Thanks for all the help! I'll get some other shots on here and the end grain.
Here are more photos of the actual logs

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Ok--I'll be the odd guy out---from what I've seen I'd pick elm. Especially if it has a kind of sweetish scent when freshly cut. Looks a lot like the elm that I've cut before--and the color fades some with drying.
Definitely not Locust. Cambium is way too thick of a cambium, and the bark is not thick enough. I'd go with Elm, or Mulberry.

I'm leaning elm. bark is not right for locust
Well this has been fun, and I think the color of that lumber looks very much like the locust I have worked with. The bark and thick sapwood does not. The color also looks a lot like the mulberry I have seen, including the wide sapwood, though I never sliced any to see the inside. The bark looks more like the elm I have seen, and I have cut only one down, and did not slice or work with any of the wood. So may more details are need from the wood cutter to see how it was to work with. The locust was very hard, lots of saw dust, no chips when cutting, and smells very bad, smell even worse if you try and burn it. Any details on the wood you guys know about might be helpful.
Well I'm not all that good at tree/wood ID but it really doesn't look like locust to me at all. Really to me it looks like Mescal bean or what some people call Texas mountain laurel. I have some samples that look exactly like that. Is the wood slightly waxy when you cut it?
Eldaneo, if you send me a small piece, I can probably ID it for you.
If we all get a piece, we could all take another stab at it:)
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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