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Calling all pen turners.

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Cap'n Eddie has started his first ever Pen art challenge. Now until the end of the month he's asking all artists to submit a picture of their best pen and a winner will be chosen.
Go watch the video
He explains all the rules. Good luck to all and happy turning.
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Come on Dave, aren't you keeping up with things?:laughing::laughing:
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My question is where is the results or the pens we are suppose to be voting on. I do not know this person and if he has a web site or not. I was curious to see the pens that were entered. He says he will show them so they can be voted on. I know the contest is over. Just looking for the photos. Thanks.
Capt Eddie is a good guy and our turning club president. Best I can tell you is send him a message with these questions.
If he is your President then you should have known the answer:smile: I am sure he was pushing the contest in your club. I am guessing no one else entered this contest.
Well JT if I had made any club meetings in the past few months I might. However I haven't do to work, family etc.
Congrats Bass. I agree JT's pen should have been in there but don't sell yourself short.

I've always liked Jt's and one day I may try my hand at making one.
1 - 4 of 64 Posts
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