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Ok fellas, i decided to step up and do a bit more research and this is some of what I found

First hollow vessel http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f6/first-hollow-vessel-38869/

spalted tararind http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f6/spalted-tamarind-39029/

asking for 'fly rod' help http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f9/fly-rods-42560/

walnut burl bowl http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f6/claro-walnut-burl-bowl-37521/

pictures of milling (was rather impressive http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f26/wooo-30893/

Ok guys this one explains it in my books http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f26/cherry-anyone-23949/ see if you can pick it up. This one has some more pics of wood he has cut but the pics did not actually show my end, internet connection thing I think

You have some interesting threads there MR Ibangwood, I think what people take issue with is your lack of tact. We all have opinions, even your best and closest mates no doubt disagree with you at times whether they say so or not. The issue is how you say things. Some of your wording has been rather 'offensive' to some but maybe what it is is simply 'youth'. I was brought up in an environment where you respect your elders and your peers. That is lacking in the world today. On the forum I believe the idea is to have a mutual respect for each other. Dont get me wrong, you are not the only person others have had issue with and other issues have been much more significant that yours. Where some appear to have a complete disregard for others I believe you may simply speak your mind without giving due consideration to your words and how they might be interpreted.

Im glad you have come forward and said something here and hope you give thought to what others have said and perhaps this can be a new start for everyone


Well said. +1. I bang.....I have no beef with you in fact, there's a lot of truth in some of the things you say. But going for the jugular while saying it is inviting the reaction you got here. Yeah I agree some are a little sensitive. And I myself have misinterpreted replies to things I've said. It's the nature of written conversations. I believe if something can be taken two different ways you have to assume the person on this forum means the comment in the best way and not as an affront. Someone could be the best in the world at what they do but if they are a jerk about it nobody wants them around. Like Terrell Owens. Lol. I'm not trying to lecture you. I'm am simply offering you another way to look at it. I hope you stay on the forum because I am sure there are things people can learn from you. But I also hope you will see that the in-your-face approach is unnecessary. Let's get back to woodwork shall we?
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