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Lol yes good call everyone, " tail tucked between my legs" i have put up work do research on the BLOG. Lol unreal how personal you all get. Tight knit group huh? I have and others I've shown in the woodworking world have cracked up over this blog. What?you going to argue with me over a blog? I enjoy seeing awesome bowl work from other people on this blogs. It's cool. What bothers me, and from what ALL you have said its a blog and we all have our own opinions right? Know one does the research. Go ahead giver a comment back arguing that, yes some people do but majority do not. All it takes is google and YouTube. Sorry but if a lot of you want to act like MEN stop bring pansies lol Jesus. Worse comes to worse your clan will ban me lol. Please do. Feel like I'm in middle school again. Almost feel bad..
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