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As the others said CA (cyano acryllate) is the main chemical in Krazy glue, Super Glue, and many other brands.

The main difference I have observed is shelf life. I now use the Titebond CA glues because they are lasting longer in the bottle.

Several thicknesses available

Thinner will wick into smaller cracks due to capilliary action. Thicker is used for wider cracks.

When woodturners need to tap threads, we sometimes drill a hole, apply thin or medium CA glue and then tap the threads. The CA glue can help the wood to hold up better while being tapped.

CA glue is relatively expensive when you compare it to epoxy or especially yellow glue.

In some case a thinned yellow glue could work like CA for the thread strengthening - but we would have to wait a lot longer for the yellow glue to set.

CA glue sets fast, and with the spray accelerators, it can be close to instant.

Woodturners also use CA glue to "stabilize" wood which has cracks to avoid a bowl falling apart while being turned.

CA glue does deteriorate over time - as in decades so it is does not last as long as e.g., hide glue.

If you purchase CA glue, it is a good idea to have Acetone on hand. It is so easy to get CA glue where you do not want it, like the hands, or work surfaces. Acetone is the main solvent to clean up unwanted CA glue - until it has set, then you have to scrape it off.
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