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where's my table saw?
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Fence differences ...

I don't know much about the unifence. I'm assuming the fence system on the Delta in my OP is a Delta T2 and not a true Beis. Any insight from others on the performance of the two different fence systems?
A true Unifence from Delta with the single extruded front rail and a reversible fence extrusion is a "find" as they are no longer made and parts are hard to come by. I have 3 of them on my Sawzilla shown in My Photos. I really like that fence, but it's a bit finicky when you lock it down you have to keep some forward pressure on it. That's NOT a deal breaker. The reversible, high or low feature is awesome and the fence scale is accurate when adjusted properly.

The Beisemeyer is the workhorse of fences. It is Industrial Strength in every way. It locks down accurately each time and stays put. It can also be used with a fence scale in lieu of measuring to the blade. I'm talking the real deal Biesemeyer, not he clones. I don't know about them, but they may be equally reliable, I donno?

One of my Biesemeyers came with a Craftsman 10" hybrid table saw I got on sale.... I didn't need another table saw, but could not refuse as the price was less than half on the store display model. I really like that saw, discontinued now for over 10 years. However, Grizzly and others make hybrids which are smaller and lighter than full size 3 Hp cabinets saws, but perform almost as well. Some have the 2 Hp motors which would be the limit on a 120 Volt dedicated 20 AMP circuit. If you can find one, jump on it. I wouldn't sell mine 'cause I like it so much, so they may not come up often.

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