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I have a Delta with a similar - who knows if it's 'identical' fence.
so I read thru the referenced thread.

some people should not be permitted buy power tools.
the thread and some of the contributors are way out in left-right-center-under-and-outer field with the ideas and conclusions.

on the feed end of the fence, left and right, are two largish diameter nylon screws.
they ride on the square tube.
their purpose is to adjust the fence "side(s)" to vertical.
people with big screwdrivers _and_ some common sense will also note the more you screw them in, the greater the gap table-to-fence. stop screwing around and back off on the adjustment screws.....

my Delta, it came with a gauge to set the height of the front square tube and the rear angle iron on which the fence tip-nylon guide rests. set correctly, not a problem. people who should not buy power tools and do not read the instruction manual usually have all kinds of issues, such as this among them.

it's a good fence. I did tweak mine - replacing the stupid plastic rectangular pads at the feed end with nylon license plate bolts. the pads would fall out, squish too much, etc. that bit is poor execution on Delta's part.

it's set up with less than 0.001" out of parallel with the right miter slot. and it holds that tolerance over time and position. not a whole lot more one can ask of a fence.
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