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I know this is an extremely old thread, but hoping to get some insight as I'm thinking about doing the same thing as Steve.
I'm wondering if Steve went with the solid OAK door as opposed to the epoxy laminated as was suggested? It looks like it from the pics he posted. I read a few times he got the wood, but I didn't read exactly what he went with. Just wanted some clarification.
Also, if it was the solid core oak, since it's been a few years now, how has it held up to the environment? Any warping? Still swinging and closing good? Tight seal all the way around?

I'm in Chicago with widely fluctuating weather throughout the year. From 100+ degree summer days to -20 degree winter days. Rain, sleet, snow, sun, humidity etc... and I want a door that will last the life of my house, with proper upkeep of course.

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