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Hey everyone. I've already solicited answers from a couple of you. I stumbled here when I googled crown molding. I was very impressed by all the photos in the project gallery.

I grew up in Stillwater, Minnesota. I live in North Pole Alaska right now. I've been in the Air Force for 5.5 years. I'm probably just a kid, 24 yrs, compared to some of you more experienced guys - but who knows someday you all might look at my stuff and say, "not half bad!":laughing:

I don't have any pictures of any of my projects. I left the toaster on last year and my house burnt down. Now that I'm back in the country I get to build new furniture. My current projects are a bed frame, armoire, shaker style clock, and hall tree -- in other words my fiance has 'ordered' that those items be built! I'll put pictures up as the projects are completed.
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