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This was a fun project. I have been learning to save vessel blanks and this one started to crack so I drove my Fro down through it and split it. I glued it back together with black epoxy with some spacers to give the epoxy thickness. It's been sitting like that for a year or more. I decided to turn it.
I had trouble again with the lip cracking as I turned it. Not sure what's causing that. This piece should not have had much moisture in it. I put some finish on it which I would have thought would limit the moisture release. Will have to work on that problem. It did allow me to discover another way of covering patched cracks. I wood burned around them. Burning over CA glue always leaves a nasty look so when I got finished I mixed up some brown and black paint to a very dark brown. I used a very small brush to add colored dots to the CA lines. It came out perfect.
Finish was Krylon matte finish, buffed with 4/0 steel wool and then wax applied over it. I left the the textured surfaces Matte.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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