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I'm new to the forum. Looks like a good site, looking forward to hanging out with ya'll. Anyway I bought a used craftsman table saw model #315.228310. Cast iron body

FTR, those saws have what i bekieve are steel cabinets and CI tops. it's a more current version of the emerson built 113 series TSs but was built by ryobi for sears.

with stamped steel wings, looks to be about a 1.5hp motor and belt driven. Not as heavy as my steel city but not a bad saw. What I want to find out is: What is the max width dado that I can cut. I have a stack blade CMT 8" dado that goes up to 3/4" I put on the saw but to get the full width I had to leave off the blade washer and use the nut only. Is this gonna cause any problems? Also I'm looking at the Leecraft CR-1 insert for this saw. Is this the proper zero clearance insert?
+1 on KS's comments re: leaving off the blade washer. also, just make your own ZCI. i use 1/4" mdf and route a rabbet around the underside perimeter. here's some instructions:

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