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Forgotten but not gone
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Book and Mag Reviews

I thought I would try see how much interest, if any, we could get in sharing good woodworking books and magazines with each other. My first offering is on this month's (Feb 2007) issue of WWJ.

I no longer subscribe to Woodworkers Journal, but I may have to re-up.
I'm not saying they were ever bad; I just had to pare down on the mags I subscribed to over the years because they would start piling up on me unread or barely scanned.
But this months (and last) WWJ I grabbed off the mag rack is chock full of excellent articles:

The Ins and Outs of CAD Programs
If you're like me you scribble most of your projects on paper then start building. It's worked so far so i doubt I wil ever becoome a CAD fanatic. But there are so many affordable options available now. All the ones reviewed are under $150, most half that or less, and some free.
Some of the free ones are reviewed pretty high!

Cutting Round Tenons on a Table saw
This is an interesting jig for those with a table saw and a dado. Not something for cutting tenons day in and day out but for the occassional need it well worth consideration.

Busting Band Saw Myths
Even after reading the article I still don't claim to be the blade tension guru (or guru at anything for that matter) but I have a much better chance at identifying and solving common problems quicker, with less trial and error than I did before.

Woodworking Around The Globe
Feats your eyes on these works of turning art. A single page, this short article and 3 photos keep you glued to the page.

Power Tools: The China Syndrome
Being a miniscule participant in this export phenomenom, I thought I knew the basics of this sea change. Not hardly. This really is need-to-know info for most of us whether we directly participate or not.
If you want to understand the tool industry, this is a good concise read.

Road Maps of Woodworking
The Importance of Drawings, Part 1
Not really related to the CAD article per se, they do touch common viens. It was hard to stay with this article at first and I almost quit reading it. I'm glad I didn't because I'm pretty sure I'm not going to become a CAD expert and will have to stick with what always has got me throught the process of a project.
While I have built projects without drawings at all, "out of my head" as I'm sure most of you have, I find it easier to at least sketch out the joinery if not the whole thing.
This article gives you some quick lessons on drafting.

There are lots of other articles, like the sailor from Iraq who shares his woodworking story that can amke us all proud! But I don't want to spoil it for you. Check it out yourself! :thumbsup:

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The Woodworker's Problem Solver
This is a great reference book that covers many topics. I use it regularly when issues come up that I've never crossed before. The first section contains reference charts for common furniture sizes. From there it covers many tips, problems, jigs, and how-to's that come up from time to time on different projects.

ISBN: 076210225X

Forgotten but not gone
5,674 Posts
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I have anorher book to write a review for that I just read. It might be an affordable way for some of you guys to get into sawmilling your own wood. I'll try to get to it soon.

In the meantime, this book review section is open for all members. You don't have to write a novel in itself.. If you have anything woodworking related you think would be of interest please share it with us.
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