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I know you need to get cutting today, so you may be stuck with a Diablo that you can get from HD.

You can get that Forrest cut, and quality for cheaper. Take a look at Tenyru blades. I used to run Forrest blades, but now I only run the Tenyru blades. The best all around blade I have found is the 40 tooth Gold Medal blade. I run the full kerf, but it also available in thin kerf. The blade is just amazing. I really couldn't tell you if the Forrest or Tenyru is better. As far as I'm concerned, they are both awesome, but the Tenyru is much cheaper. It is made from quality Japanese steel and is straight to within .001" just like the Forrest. It will cross cut and rip just as good as any specialty blade there is. It will also cut veneered plywood with zero chipping or tear out. Although I don't use mine to cut plywood, because ply will dull it quicker than I like, so I use a dedicated blade for cutting my ply's and melamine.

Good luck,

Mike Darr

I was talked into the Tenyru blades by one of the guys I buy most of my woodworking tools from. I really thought what he was telling me was way too good to be true. I have always been one that believed combo blades did a good job at ripping and cross cutting, but didn't do either one of them perfect. I have finally found that perfect blade. Tenyru does not classify this blade as a combo, but it certainly does work extremely well as one.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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