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Bit to use on landscaping timbers? 30 1/2" holes.

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Quick question, I have to drill 30 holes in landscaping timbers for rebar anchors.

What is the right bit to use? I have a few spades, I don't know how long they will last on a job like this.

Probably burn up my 3/8" drill in the process.

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I've used both 3/8" long length twist bits and 3/8" X 18" augers with a 1/2" corded drill. I pre-drill the holes for 12" galvanized spikes for 6" x 8" timbers and nail them in with a 3 lb sledge. After a while it got tiresome, but it helped the spikes go in much easier.
Like they say about clamps, "you can't have too many kinds of drill bits"
What he said ^.
I use a "dead man" about 3 ft or 4 ft long at right angles to the wall every 8 ft or so, depending.
It gets nailed into the wall making an 8" space when laying the others up tight to it, so I need to account for that added dimension.
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