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Bit to use on landscaping timbers? 30 1/2" holes.

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Quick question, I have to drill 30 holes in landscaping timbers for rebar anchors.

What is the right bit to use? I have a few spades, I don't know how long they will last on a job like this.

Probably burn up my 3/8" drill in the process.

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You have gotten lots of good advice here and I am sure all of it will work.
I would recommend that if you are using landscape timbers (approximately 4”x4” with rounded opposing sides) and installing them as a ground border that you consider using pressure treated for ground contact 4”x4” dimensional lumber.
I installed a landscape timber border a number of years ago and after about 5 years it was showing a lot of rot. The dimensional lumber is more expensive but will hold up better over time.
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