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Bit to use on landscaping timbers? 30 1/2" holes.

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Quick question, I have to drill 30 holes in landscaping timbers for rebar anchors.

What is the right bit to use? I have a few spades, I don't know how long they will last on a job like this.

Probably burn up my 3/8" drill in the process.

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I've done what you're suggesting, drilled holes and used cut rebar to anchor the ties in place.

I used a spade bit because it's easier to sharpen with a diamond grit paddle sharpener.

I cut mine in 2 foot lengths, so 20" underground? Works great, I basically went around the hose and shop with ties about 16" out and then filled in with pea gravel. Nice and neat and no growth next to the house or foundation.
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