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BWSmith said:
I'm with ed-h in that,we use biscuits almost exclusively for line-up purposes.Rarely as "glue elements".....more when there is a tricky,hard to reach/measure situation.Also,rarely in anything but a 90*...a style to carcass is an example.We use them most often to "hang" cornice sections on library book cases and some ornate kitchen heads.

You can accomplish a dado by the build-up method vs the cutting/milling way.Imagine a 1x12 board.....in between shelves you simply have 1/4" plywood "spacers".These spacers lock the shelves into place.We don't use this method a lot...but it does work and is incredibly fast/strong.It is an expedient for those without certain tooling.Further,it does open up your case interiors for some neat designs....you can scroll the 1/4" with whatever designs your little heart desires....then it forms "relief" inside the case,between shelves.We use this often enough with various religious symbols...it's pretty "trick",haha.
You must not have a Porter Cable because they make a slot too wide for alignment. Thats the reason I bought it. The cuts don't have to be perfect and the biscuits go in quick and easy giving you room to align.


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Julie Mor said:
I use biscuits only occasionally, despite their ease of use. Yes, the dado would be best for bookshelves. Dowels would work too. It all depends on the design.

Biscuit bookshelf

Dowel bookshelf

Dado bookshelf

What kind of design are you going for?
Thanks Julie! Super helpful that you attached the designs. Dadoes win! I'll be working in it in the coming week.
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