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Saying that burl is impressive is a huge understatement. That is just awesome. Excellent find. I'm glad it found its way into a woodworkers shop.

If you are going to plan on making table tops out of the burl, I would cut it into cookies two, to three times thicker than what you want your finished thickness to be. Next sticker them and let them air dry. Once dry and you start to mill them to their final thickness, make sure to do it in a few sessions, allowing it to acclimate between milling sessions. The idea is to bring it to thickness slowly. Even doing it this way, you will still get some cracks, but hopefully the cookies will stay flat. The cracks can really add to the design if handled properly. You could add bowties to them to prevent them from cracking any further. Filling the cracks with epoxy that is died to a color of your choice.

Mike Darr
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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