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I did need to use a strip of tape as a shim to square the face to the table since the angle iron that fits over the front tube is not square to the face of the fence extrusion and there is no adjustment like on some of the clones.
When Lowes was giving away Biesemeyer fence kits for $50, I bought a few of them. One of the fences had the problem of the face not being at 90 degrees to the table. I called Biesemeyer and without even asking me where I bought it, or asking for proof of purchase, she offered to send me a new one. No need to send the old one back!
Turned out it was a day or so, before they were closing the facility she worked at. Lost her job. Might as well give away the farm! Worked for me!
I do like the adjustment for face to table alignment, that my Jet Exacta fence has.
I have a used Bies fence that has a smile on one fence. I had thought of refacing it before selling it, but after reading these posts, think I will just fill with bondo and sand.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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