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Hello, I'm finishing up my house and I'm looking for the best way to stain oak moulding aNd solid 6 panel oak doors.

For my wood ceiling,I followed these steps by jw from Indy ....
.......And my pine turned out awesome. But that was a softer wood and I'm not sure of the prep that needs done to make this oak look sharp

For this project I do have the following available to me

For my stain color of choice, I'm going to be using min wax golden oak stain
I have some zinsser seal coat universal sanding sealer
I also have general finishes "satin" poly acrylic water based topcoat

What steps did you use on your oak? I've read a little about sanding oak and I'm not sure how fine to go

Should I use the diluted zinsser sanding sealer? Does oak even need the sanding sealer like pine does?
What steps do you use to get a professional finish?

Any help, links, or opinions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank you

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The finishing of oak would be the same as pine using golden oak. If you were using a darker color you might have trouble with the wood blotching on pine but golden oak should stain fine. I wouldn't thin the sealcoat and it is good to use on any wood stained with an oil stain being topcoated with a water base polyurethane. Linseed oil isn't compatible with water based poly and the sealcoat is a good barrier coat. You would otherwise need to let the stain dry three days to a week depending on the weather before topcoating. The linseed oil can create adhesion problems. If you are brushing the finish don't attempt to apply more than one coat of the sealcoat. The alcohol in the sealcoat will melt the first coat so you would be taking about as much off as you are applying unless you brushed it really fast. Shellac is just better sprayed. When brushing the poly use as soft of a paint brush as you can find and apply it in thin coats with as little brushing as possible. The more you brush it creates brush marks. It's better to apply it and move on. If there is any missed spots it's better to leave it alone and get in with another coat after the finish dries.
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