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Best Planer for the Money

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I'm still new to woodworking and have been thinking about a purchasing a planer. I have never used a planer before, so I would have to learn to use it. What planer out would you recommend to purchase? I'm looking low cost, easy to operate, not big or bulky, somewhat portable (meaning I can use it on a table and then store it away after I'm done) and good performance. What should I look for or make sure one has when looking to make this purchase?
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Sounds like you are looking for a lunch box planer, first stop Amazon.com and check the reviews on the different brands, that is not the definitive word on products but will give you a good idea of what is out there. Just bear in mind that most people tend complain about faults but don't always bother to give good reviews if they are happy with a product.

I have never owned a lunch box planer, my son has several he takes to the site and they do the job, but most heavy work is done in the shop on a machine that is only portable with a fork lift.
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