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Best Planer for the Money

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I'm still new to woodworking and have been thinking about a purchasing a planer. I have never used a planer before, so I would have to learn to use it. What planer out would you recommend to purchase? I'm looking low cost, easy to operate, not big or bulky, somewhat portable (meaning I can use it on a table and then store it away after I'm done) and good performance. What should I look for or make sure one has when looking to make this purchase?
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I bought the DW735, a Shelix head and built my own laminate skinned in/out feed table....it's bolted to the cart which is bolted to the in/out feed table....one solid unit. Having it all as one unit is supposed to help with snipe. The chip blower is louder than the planer...
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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