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I am in need of a router lift, but cannot afford (at this time) a commercial model. That puts me into the DIY Router Lift arena. I have found a few woodworkers selling plans online (see below) and am looking to decide on one of them this week.

Does anyone have any first hand experience with these? Know of a better DIY router lift plan/option that is available? I'm looking for an easy-to-build, accurate, and reliable router lift.

woodgears.ca - Tilting router lift - http://woodgears.ca/router_lift/plans_t/index.html
ibuildit.ca - Router lift - http://ibuildit.ca/Sales/sales-4.html
stumpynubs.com - Router lift - http://www.etsy.com/listing/116511343/micro-adjustable-router-lift-featured-on

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