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Best CNC Router

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Hey all, I mostly make military challenge coin rack and scroll saw items for people upon request. Ive been doing this for about a year since I retired from active duty.

I'd like to buy a CNC router but I was wondering what recommendations people have for what I need it for. All I need it for is basic engravings of military designs or what not. Most items I make are 12'X12" so I don't need a super gigantic one.

Any ideas or suggestions??


Please check my pics out on my Facebook page at Navy Chief Woodworking and let me know thoughts.....
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There are specific sites/forums for CNC in case you do not get many responses here.

I do not have a CNC, but I have pondered getting one.

The CarveWright may fit your needs. Not heavy duty, slow, but a lot less than many others. I read some negative reviews on the earlier versions, but recall posts where folks said the latest version has fixed the issues.


Rockler has some CNC machines.


Wood magazine had a review of CNC machines last year. Try looking at their archives.
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Thanks Dave!!! I make military cover/hat boxes and most always say they wish they could have had something engraved on the top lid IE- military logo or rank sysmbol. Again, thanks very much!!!
I don't have one but have looked. I would suggest that you look at Shopbot desk top cnc. It's a little pricy at about 5K.
I've been drooling over one of these for a long time. If I could find a way to justify the cost I'd get one in a heartbeat. They have several sizes from 1'x3' all the way up to 6'x8' or so.


It's a kit so you get to build it yourself, which to me, would be half the fun.

For a smaller and cheaper option, here's one that is pretty interesting and flexible.

Does anyone here have the CarveWright? I'm tempted to get one after seeing the link.
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