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So last night I made the benches I referenced in another post ( http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f9/simple-bench-design-question-59167/ ). I wanted to use nice 4x4's for legs but ended up using 2x4's joined together. I then wrapped it in a 1x4 frame and inset the plywood seat into the top so that the cushion that I'm preparing will sit flush with the top of the bench.

I used pocket holes to join the 1x4's and the supports underneath the plywood. I wanted to use box joints but my dado blade set I ordered on Amazon is late and hasn't arrived yet.

I've already put the first coat of paint on them and will do at least one, possibly two more coats before I seal them. I'm going to post a few pictures from my phone in a second.

I learned a lot about the pocket hole jig and working with that guy but mostly I realized that my garage is not functional for this type of work and is in serious need of updating. I've already got my eyes on some new table designs so I can mount my router table and table saw in such a fashion that I can use the tables in conjunction for longer lumber runs.

Should be fun!
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