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Before & After, and book

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Just wanted to show some of my work, and my new book that I just finished.

Thanks for looking,

Ron http://www.woodsofthewestgallery.com/lampbook.html

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I need to find some good places to hunt up lumber.
Look in the neighbors front yard :laughing:. Juniper is an ornamental shrub, a kin to the eastern red cedar tree. I am going to convert you into an urban logger yet ;)...And you are right with your rustic decor business "accent pieces" like those would be a big seller. You have connections with homebuilders and rustic theme restaurants in your area...one of those on every table you build would be icing on the cake $.

Get to know a couple tree services/lawn services, go to the municipal burnpile (if there is one, should be) literally TONS of stuff like that is being burned every single day.
how did you get the wood that cleaned up and still keep the soft lines?
I would reckon that would be in the book :laughing:. On sale now :shifty:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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