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I did a big job 2 years ago and the customer had bought 5 counter-tops from Ikea. He wanted them installed throughout a laundry area, mostly in-between tall wardrobe cabinets and one on an island. They're made from Beech, and formed like butcher-blocks. They came in 6' & 8' lengths, 25" and 39" widths - 1 1/2" thick.

Well, the island wasn't even 4' long and the other four areas he wanted them placed were just over 4'.

This left a lot of waste, which I proceeded to bring home to my humble home shop and use for rolling workstations for my bench-top drill press, disc/belt sander, thickness planer, cutting boards and with the 39" piece I made an out-feed/assembly table that rolls up next to my table saw.

This stuff has held-up really well over the last 2 years, it's very stable and straight. It's nice and hard too.

I wouldn't hesitate using it for any bench project.
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