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So I'm remodeling a bay window in my house that's shaped like the one in the picture (not mine, I'm at work and dont have any images). View attachment 444868 I want to make the inside to be a storage area, but also want to make the bench seat one solid piece. In order to access the storage this way I would need to be able to slide it out, then fold downward. Trouble is, I have no idea what all hardware I would need to make that happen. Anyone know of a slide that can hinge at the end? Granted, I could do a cut out and make the cut part fold back, but I would like to keep it as one solid piece.
Why must the top be one solid piece? That's a recipe for an amateur outcome if I ever heard one. Do a neat & tight job with permanent installation of triangle pieces on both sides. You'll have nice big center rectangle to lift with a piano hinge at the back. With the top raised there will be good access to the entire storage area. Work carefully and the space between the center and side sections can be 1/16th inch and look totally professional. Your desired approach, IMO, will fail.
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