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This isn't exactly a woodworking project, but I'm posting it because it is done like a WW project. with only WW tools.

I’ve made a variety of Plexiglas/Lucite items, but this one was a thriller to figure out the angles and mortising the members for a clean clear joint. Had to make 4 of these. Not much room for error. The legs are 2” round, the stretchers are 3/4”, and the seat is 3/4”. I don’t know how the picture will show, as the subject is see through. Thought I would post it for an example of something not to try if you get angry and throw things around the shop.

The door behind the stool was a weekend project made from Pecky Cypress. It was a conversation piece for the first thing clients see upon entering.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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