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advice from a guy who has a few

I started with a 1980's era Craftsman 12"...junk, but I didn't know any better. Next was a top end Mini Max 18" 3 HP. what a difference. It will do anything I need especially resawing up to 8" thick stock.
I have some Craftsman 14" Professionals, with different blade widths, 3/8" and 1/2". I hate changing blades on a bandsaw. :wallbash:
Then there's a little 10" Craftsman I got for my 8 yr old son who I later found out wanted nothing to do with woodworking. I use it for tight radius cuts and it works just fine with a 1/4" wide blade.

Finally there's a Grizzly 19" 3 HP with a motor brake which I have yet to use because of limited shop space. Too many tools and not enough room to use them. :thumbdown: The Grizzly saw is every bit as good as the Mini Max which cost about the same. I have other Grizzly tools and they are well made and the fit and finish is above what you would expect for the price.

A 14" saw will do almost everything you need for basic and advanced woodworking even furniture building. The only limitation is the resaw height and some of the newer 14's can resaw 12" ...wow! It may be just me but when you see 10"or 12" of exposed saw blade racing around it's a bit intimidating. Sometime your hands get pretty close to that blade ..... just sayin'.:eek:
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