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Ok Ive been searching on here and haven't quite found the answer to my questions so here goes. I'm a novice at woodwork but have been learning as I go, project by project. The ones I want to do next however pretty much require a band saw and my inherited-from-dad BS died a sad death. SO looking around I saw a lot of promise in the Grizzly Deluxe (http://www.grizzly.com/products/14-Deluxe-Bandsaw-Anniversary-Edition/G0555LANV, $524 with shipping), that is until I started reading comments about bandsaws on this forum. Now I'm wondering should I spend the cash and get something more expensive? Will I find myself a couple years down the road wishing I had?

Right now my projects are pretty basic, chairs, a bed etc... but I hope to be doing more in the future. Not to a buisness level, just obsessive hoby.

Anyway I keep reading about the Rikon 10-325 (http://www.rikontools.com/productpage_10-325.htm) on here and how much people love it and I'm thinking, should I just spend the money and get that (and consequently buy the dewalt planer I was going to get as well at a later date) or will the basic Grizzly serve me just fine and I'm just trying to find an excuse to by the nicer toy? I can spend right around $1,000 and I was going to get a grizzly and planer but..... thoughts? Suggestions? Other ideas?

Sorry to ramble... just finished a 36 hr shift, time to pass out for a few before my next shift. :sleep1: :wacko:

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